Traviata Laminated Flooring

TRAVIATA FLOOR FIX AC3 Traviata Fix Floor is ideal for those who want a floor that is resistant to everyday knocks and spills, but don’t want to compromise on style. Fix Floor is a value for money floor that is easy to install and care for. The 8mm range offers exceptional value for money and is perfectly suited to domestic installations. SUPER NATURAL CLASSIC AC4 Our Super Natural Classic bevelled edge range provides a new level of realism. The matt or satin finished surfaces, with Authentic Embossed glossy or deep matt pores, faithfully reproduce the most exquisite features of premium quality timber, to give your floor a natural look and feel. SUPREME AC4 The manufacturer, Sonae Industria, is one of the world’s largest wood panel producing companies and has been operating for 55+ years. All components of the flooring are produced in house. Therefore a superior quality product is available at a very competitive price. Sonae Industria is a member of the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) All products are regularly tested to the highest international standards. TRAVI-LAM AC4 Travi-lam AC4 V-Groove. The 8mm collection is manufactured with a 4 sided bevelled edge to create an authentic planked effect.

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Camaro | Van Dyck Laminate

CAMARO Specs PU treatment: Factory-applied polyurethane surface treatment Overall thickness: 2.0 mm Plank sizes: 152 x 914 mm; 152 x 1219 mm Application: Light Commercial Bill of Quantities: POLYFLOR CAMARO luxury vinyl tiles with plank sizes 152 x 914 x 2.0 mm or 152 x 1219 x 2.0 mm by Van Dyck, fitted in accordance with the Polyflor LVT installation instructions.

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Rococo | Van Dyck Laminate

ROCOCO Specs UV Treatment: UV coating with ceramic beading Recycled Content: 100% Virgin – no recycled content Wear Layer Thickness: 0.5 mm Overall thickness: 2.5 mm Plank Size: 187 x 1227 mm Application: Heavy Commercial Warranty: 15 years for Residential & Light Commercial / 10 years for Heavy Commercial Bill of Quantities: Rococo stick-down Luxury Vinyl Tiles by Van Dyck with plank size 187 by 1227 mm and a 2.5 mm overall thickness, fitted in accordance with the supplier’s installation instructions

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Super Click | Van Dyck Laminate

SUPER CLICK  Specs Surface treatment: PU coated in factory with UV protection Recycled content: +/- 90% Wear Layer Thickness: 0.3 mm Overall thickness: 5.2 mm Plank sizes: 152.4 x 914.4 mm Application: Light Commercial Warranty: 15 years for Residential and 5 years for Light Commercial Bill of Quantities: SUPER-CLICK luxury vinyl tiles by Van Dyck with plank sizes 152.4 by 914.4 mm and a 5.2 mm overall thickness, fitted in accordance with the supplier’s installation instructions.

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Belgotex Medical Vinyl

MEDICAL VINYL The Belgotex homogenous vinyl range of Medical flooring is suitable for the unique needs of general medical facilities and hospital flooring. These areas demand exceptional performance and durability. Infection-control and wear resistance are also paramount as they are often exposed to bacteria and chemicals. Not only do they need to withstand the extreme wear and tear of medical equipment and high traffic volumes, but medical flooring must deliver hygienic, low-maintenance solutions for every possible emergency. ASTRAL ASTRA HARD VINYLS BELGOTEX Astral is a homogenous vinyl floorcovering that delivers exceptional performance and abrasion resistance. It is available in rolls, with colouration throughout the thickness of the material. Astral comprisesa special anti-bacterial/fungicidal treatment that prevents moisture and growth of bacteria and it is suitable for normal to heavy traffic areas. Astral's PU coating, protects the surface during and after installation and offers a good foundation for routine maintenance. NEPTUNE NEPTUNE HARD VINYLS BELGOTEX Neptune is a flexible compacted homogeneous vinyl floorcovering. It is available in rolls and is anti-static, with a semi non-directional polychrome design, and colour dyed as a raw mixture to ensure even colour throughout the thickness. It is uniquely treated with Evercare™, a new patented surface treatment, providing an unrivalled level of maintenance and chemical resistance. Evercare™ treatment is micro-structured and  cross-coat polymerised using laser technology and acts as a barrier against stains and chemical aggression. It definitively replaces the application of wax or polish during the lifetime of the product.

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Belgotex Cushioned Vinyl

CUSHIONED VINYL Water resistant and insulating with a soft feel underfoot, cushioned vinyl is a practical solution for kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms. Recommended for young families or frantic professionals with no time to waste, it's available in various finishes from popular faux wood colours or cork, to slate and granite tile finishes. Cushion vinyl is hygienic and scratch-resistant with a protective wear layer that's slip proof too. CRYSTAL CRYSTAL is sustainable, durable, functional and versatile, which makes it the perfect collection for professionals. Made from polyvinyl chloride, with a foam backing on a glass fibre mat support, it is the ideal solution for use in healthcare, retail, offices, hospitality, leisure and many more heavy commercial areas. The waterproof qualities of this range ensure that cleaning up is a breeze, and the antibacterial top coat provides protection against the germs. HARTFORD HARTFORD is a multi-layered vinyl sheeting product which provides indentation resistance and good sound insulation. It is well suited to any heavy commercial environment, such as healthcare, retail and hospitality. TOLEDO Toledo is an affordable range of cushioned vinyl, that will makeover your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom on a small budget. With a variety of wood, tile and slate designs, you are guarenteed to find something to suit your decor style. Toledo is soft underfoot, and provides warmth from the cold. The water resistant qualities of this range ensures that cleaning up is a breeze, and the antibacterial top coat provides protection against germs. Toledo has a revolutionary antibacterial technology that has been added to the top layer of the [...]

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